Revolution can mean many things to different people. Perhaps you are fighting to eradicate sexism, racism, or homophobia. Maybe your focus is decolonizing spirituality. Perhaps it’s more personal and you are working to transform self-hate into self-love to make a positive change in your life. 

No matter your Revolution, it is upon all of us. And we are no longer waiting for the solution, because we are it. The creatives. The healers. the activists—the people. 

We created the Wear Your Voice REVOLUTION. Campaign to unify and amplify the voices of people at the frontline. All profit from the sale of REVOLUTION. gear supports opportunity and economic access for marginalized writers and creatives of color. When we provide a strong platform to underrepresented voices, we level the playing field and build towards a more sustainable and just world. 

Wear the REVOLUTION. Gear to support our cause and yours. Together, we are the revolution.

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