Healers of Color

The Wear Your Voice Healer's Collection was sparked by our Witches Against Trump Campaign, and is now an ever-expanding collection for Healers of color everywhere. Our magic is healing, and it is rooted in the power of our ancestors who passed down their knowledge to us over the hundreds of years of white supremacist oppression. 

Our narratives have been erased, they have been mocked, but we are resilient, and we carry with us the resilience and power of all our dearest ancestors. It is time for us to use our collective power to help heal and confront the shadows.

100% of profits from the sale of the Wear Your Voice Healers T-shirts, Tanks and clothing go to support opportunity and economic access for marginalized writers and creatives of color, especially the most vulnerable and oppressed. #FemmeRevolution, #MyRevolution


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